You Have to Start Somewhere

You Have to Start Somewhere

Kamyar Shah feels best practices actually stifle creativity and success:

The concept of best practices is rather a misguided notion of uniformity and groupthink that at best stifle effectiveness and efficiency and at worst create a tremendous burden on organizational success.

I have made a habit to use best practices ONLY as a starting point.

For instance; in marketing strategy planning I help my clients to start with a comprehensive overview of all platforms and channels, yet quickly help them discard those that are not suited for their product or services.

On the other hand, some basic digital marketing best practices, such as standard on-page optimizations, are simply a must.

In HR projects, I encourage my clients to explore non-traditional methodology in the recruiting and selection process instead of the best practices that are currently standards for many organizations.

The bottom line is that the concept of best practices is generally either misunderstood or wrongly implemented.It was never meant to be a uniform SOP for every organization; only a set of basics to serve as a starting point.

Success comes from the adaption of those best practices to the individual business based on its leadership style and product/service selections.

Source: The Spin Sucks Question: How Do Best Practices Fit Into Your Business? | Fractional COO - Fractional CMO - Kamyar Shah

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