Should you hire for potential and attitude, or experience?

“As the saying goes, hire for character and train for skills. Though it sounds cliché, it is even more fitting today than it was a few years back,” said Kamyar Shah, a business and management consultant at World Consulting Group, a management consulting firm. “There are several issues in hiring and recruiting in the current market; however, the two issues with the biggest impact are unqualified recruiters and unrealistic expectations.”

Shah went on to say, “The first one—unqualified HR professionals that are not nearly familiar with the job specifications—has a huge impact on the outcome. For example, recruiters hiring for advanced marketing positions that never have worked a day in marketing or recruiters seeking highly skilled data scientists without having the ability to discern the applicant’s resume. The second factor is the unrealistic expectations—I see it almost weekly, where a recruiter is out and about contacting only the applicants that are a near perfect match to the job description.”

Source: Should you hire for potential and attitude, or experience? | Fractional COO - Fractional CMO - Kamyar Shah

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