Employer Branding from a Marketing Perspective

  1. How should companies be treating their employer brand, especially in comparison to their consumer brand?

The differentiation between employee and employer brand is futile; those two have a symbiotic relationship. The same goes for consumer brands.

  1. Do they both matter?

Of course both matter. Positive branding from any aspect and any level usually has a positive impact on overall brand perception. The brand value is transferable both in-depth and breadth.

  1. How should companies balance both?

It needs to be a cumulative effort that enables branding from any/every level. The benefits are mutual to all; employee, employer and the company. The storytelling portion of a brand can work its way all the way up to the corporate level.Source: Kamyar Shah: Employer Branding from a Marketing Perspective: CMOs & Marketing Experts Share Advice on How to Balance Consumer Brand and Employer Brand | Fractional COO - Fractional CMO - Kamyar Shah

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